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       Action Planning

Action Planning


Responses to a request from John Gale of The Jet Libraryfor training-impact evaluation forms.

"A little while ago I emailed the list to ask about training-impact evaluation forms.

Michael Reid from Blackpool and Jane Roberts from Salford both sent me the forms they have developed for this purpose and have kindly given their permission for me to share them with the network.

Gary Sutton from Warrington pointed me in the direction of the impact-evaluation form on the Library Services Website.

Jennie Craven from NICE presented on this topic at the HLG Conference in July last year; she has got an article coming out on this in a forthcoming issue of the Health Information and Libraries Journal.

Liz Hedgecock from Health Education North West suggested using the Kirkpatrick model of evaluation as a basis for this exercise.

Generally speaking it seems that useful information to capture with this exercise includes:
  • Demographic information. Which Trust people work for and which staff group they belong to?
  • What course they attended and when?
  • What did they do with the training? This should be tied as far as possible to the Trust's objectives
  • Has it led to a change in X,Y or Z?
  • Have they shared the training with other people?
  • A text box for a freer response inviting people to be more specific about what they have done with the information you gave them and what they used the information they found for."

LIHNN Trainers Question Bank: Collated training evaluation questions from several libraries. The questions have been divided into 4 sections and each question has been awarded a suggested Kirkpatrick Level.

LIHNN Training Evaluation Survey: This document has been developed by the LIHNN Trainers’ Group to help library staff in the region to effectively evaluate any training sessions that they may carry out. There is a great emphasis at present on service evaluation and hopefully, this document will provide some useful ideas and guidance.

Evaluating training: the Royal Preston experience (Joanne Taylor)
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