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Making Alignment a Priority (MAP) Home Page

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This is an archive version of the MAP Toolkit.The latest version is at http://maptoolkit.wordpress.com/

MAP: Making Alignment a Priority for health libraries
A toolkit to support the planning, modernisation and delivery of health library and information services

  • Can you identify the key drivers for change that are influencing your NHS organisation and its decision-making?

  • Do you want to demonstrate how your library service is aligned to the priorities of the NHS?

  • Do you need help critically highlighting how your library adds value and impacts upon organisational change, policy and practice?

Then this toolkit is for you!

What is the MAP toolkit?

The MAP toolkit has been developed by librarians across the North West and aims to bring together a number of resources that can be used by librarians / library managers to demonstrate how their library service impacts upon their NHS organisation.

The resources contained within the toolkit may be used to support a wide range of library projects and adapted to meet local need:

  • Business planning
  • Bidding for funding
  • Showing examples of best practice
  • Planning new projects
  • Protecting existing services
  • Mapping out current service provision

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Members of the Steering Group, wish to thank:

  • Sue Lacey Bryant (Independent Information Specialist),
  • Richard Osborn (NHS London SHA Library Lead) and
  • our fellow NHS Librarians and Information professional serving the NHS in London for giving us permission to use the successful LondonLinks Alignment Toolkit as a basis for this project,

To learn more about the LondonLinks Aligment Toolkit please link here


Section 1: Contents Section 2: The toolkit Section 3: Drivers Section 4: Plan the project Section 5: Write up the project Section 6: Demonstrate impact Section 7: Project Management


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