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Quality Survey Toolkit - Home

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Welcome to the homepage of the Quality Survey Toolkit. It is here you will find all the resources need to access and produce a 'Quality Survey' that meets the needs of you and your service.
Below you will find links to all sections of the Quality Survey Toolkit as well as other useful links.

New to SurveyMonkey? Here is a link to the SurveyMonkey Tutorials which are a great help in getting started!

Quality Survey Link- This is the link to the generic survey. Here you can view the survey. Please do not send this out to users!

1. User Survey & Guidance - This is guidance on how to use the survey. We recommend reading this! 

2. Case studies - See how other health library services have adapted and used the survey.

3. Quality Survey - Frequently Asked Questions - This is a collection of frequently asked questions regarding the survey.

4. Other Survey Tools- This takes you to other available survey tools that you may find useful.

5. Archived User Survey Work- This takes you to previous versions of the survey. On this page you can see how the survey has developed and evolved.

If you have any further questions, please contact

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