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Quality Group

This namespace is intended to be used as:
  • A shared workspace (Quality Group Business) for members of the LIHNN Quality Group
  • Provide access to the work we have been doing on behalf of LIHNN - see the sections below.

Quality Group webpages

For our terms of reference, membership and minutes of previous meetings can be found at please go to http://www.lihnn.nhs.uk/index.php/lihnn/lihnn-groups/quality

Quality Survey Toolkit

Please go to Quality Survey Toolkit. From this page you can access all aspects of the toolkit.

MAP Alignment Toolkit

Remember to check out the Making Alignment a Priority (MAP) Toolkit Wiki. This has been developed by librarians across the North West and aims to bring together a number of resources that can be used by librarians / library managers to demonstrate how their library service impacts upon their NHS organisation.

The Quality Handbook

The Quality Handbook provides an overview to 'quality' in library services, looking at internal and external quality programmes and offering explanations, guidance and examples of good practice in particular Library Quality Assurance Framework (LQAF) 2012 and 2013 submissions. In 2015 a new page was added looking at Criterion 1.3c - Impact.


Collection Development Policy Framework

The Quality Group have published their first "policy development framework" in the guise of a Collection Development Policy Framework.

This framework is intended as a guide for elements to be included within a Collection Development Policy.
The structure and guidance is purely a suggestion and sections deemed irrelevant to your organisation should be removed.
Equally sections and guidance can be added, moved or renamed as appropriate and in line with your own organisational requirements.

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