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3.1 Library Quality Assurance Framework (LQAF)

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About LQAF

The NHS Library Quality Assurance Framework (LQAF) England builds upon the quality assurance tools that have been used to assess the quality of NHS library/knowledge services. These include:

  • The two Health Libraries and Information Confederation - HELICON accreditation schemes and
  • The 2008 The National Service Framework for Quality Improvement of NHS Funded Library Services in England (NSF).
  • The 2010 NHS Library Quality Assurance Framework (England) also called the LQAF.
  • The 2012 NHS Library Quality Assurance Framework (England).

The LQAF was first issued in April 2010 (minor revision June 2010). It is a generic framework to any type of knowledge service that enables robust quality assessment to ensure compliance with national standards and demonstration of the services ‘fitness for purpose’ as is demanded with the modern health service. The May 2014 version includes the revised criterion on on knowledge management.

The LQAF is made up of 48 criteria that cover 5 expansive domains:
  • Strategic Management;
  • Finance & Service Level Agreements;
  • HR and Staff Management;
  • Infrastructure & Facilities; and
  • Library Knowledge Services Service Delivery & Development.

Each domain in the NHS Library Quality Assurance Framework (LQAF) England addresses an area of work, or activity, carried out by the library/knowledge service and each is made up of statements of criteria for assessment.

NEW for 2015 - Collection Development Policy Framework (criterion 5.3c)

This framework is intended as a guide for elements to be included within a Collection Development Policy. The structure and guidance is purely a suggestion and sections deemed irrelevant to your organisation should be removed.
Equally sections and guidance can be added, moved or renamed as appropriate and in line with your own organisational requirements.

LQAF Documentation

All the latest LQAF documentation can be found within the LQAF section of the HEE LKSL website. This includes the latest version of the LQAF as well as the Standardised Assessment Tool. Further information can also be found on the LIHNN Website.

Links to

LQAF Good Practice

The latest LQAF good practice examples for the North can be found within the LQAF section of this wiki.

On this page you will find examples of good practice from LKS in the North who have agreed to share their LQAF submissions.

Examples from 2015 take the form of full submissions.

Knowledge Management and Impact examples are provided from 2014.

Examples from 2013 and 2012 are provided by individual criteria.

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