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Things to note for 2018

General points

The requirements for LQAF have changed in 2018.

The LQAF process for 2018 identifies three types of criteria:

a) Core Criteria
There are 5 core criteria for which we are asking all services to score themselves, provide
evidence for this, and provide a narrative in the SAT explaining their compliance and the
relevance of evidence submitted.

b) Criteria where compliance level is unchanged from 2017
For these criteria LKS should score themselves on the SAT with the same validated
compliance level as 2017 and type “No change from 2017” in the Evidence supporting
compliance” column

c) Criteria where compliance level has changed from 2017
For services where compliance levels have changed from the level reported in 2017 (either
an increase of decrease), LKS should score themselves, provide a narrative explaining what
has changed, and if an increase in compliance is being reported provide evidence of this.

We have produced an LQAF 2018 Requirements Document which applies to NHS LKS in England.

We will not be providing individual LQAF requirements documents for services during 2018.
If you need to confirm what your are required to do for 2018 please contact your LKS Development Manager or email and we will confirm it with you.

5.3l - Patient and public information support for 2018

Please note that LKS cannot score this as "Not Applicable" in 2018. For ideas on activities please see:


LQAF Good practice

Don't forget to look at the new LQAF Good Practice page to help with your submissions.

The LQAF Documents you will need for 2018 Submissions

Below are the 4 or 5 documents that you will need to complete your LQAF self-assessed submission.

Please ensure you discard any earlier versions of the LQAF, SATs and Guidance as they are no longer valid.


1. Guidance on submitting a good quality return 2018

Workbooks for 3.1c - staff calculation for 2018 with a change to the calculations

2. These workbooks will help you calculate your staffing levels for 3.1c.
These are only required for services wishing to claim an increase in compliance in 2018 but you may wish to calculate your levels anyway.
This year the staffing levels compare against the Northern LKS figures rather than the national figures and against your local HEE region.

If you have a problem with the 2010 version of the workbook please email

They use the staff figures provided provided by NHS Digital (previously Health and Social Information Centre)
Please ensure you use these figures rather than any supplied by your Trust for consistency purposes.

NE 3.1c_calculations_for_NE_2018-19.xlsx

NW 3.1c_calculations_for_NW_2018-19_v3.xlsx Corrected 29 August 2018 as Trust numbers were inaccurate.

YH 3.1c_calculations_for_YH_2018-19.xlsx


When HCLU look at the staffing calculation we use these parameters to assess compliance level:

0% to 15% below the "region" average is full compliance unless you make a good case to say it should be partial compliance

16% to 29% below the "region" average is partial compliance

30% + below the "region" average is non-compliance.

The calculation only takes in to account the staff numbers at the home organisation i.e. it excludes staff for whom an SLA exists based on the assumption that you would not be offering the service if you did not have enough posts to provide the services covered by the SLA!

Revised LQAF for 2016

3. Copy of the LQAF_Version_2.3a_April_2016 as a PDF. Use this rather than previous versions as it includes revisions to two criteria: 1.3c (impact) and 5.3l (patient and public information).

Excel Standards Assessment Tools for 2018

4. Excel Standards Assessment Tools (SATs) in Excel

Please note: information can only be entered in blue cells. The grey cells are protected because they have the guidance in them. White and mauve cells are also protected.
If you see a message about the cell being protected and requesting a password then you are trying to enter something in the wrong coloured cell.

Good copywriting checklist

5. You may also find this helpful when reviewing leaflets and promotional materials: Good copywriting checklist & Features and benefits.docx

When you have completed adding your LQAF return to your page please email so we will know you are ready for us to look at it.

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