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Welcome to the Horizon Scanning namespace of LKS in the North Wiki!

Welcome to the North West PCT Librarians Group's Horizon Scanning Guide

This guide is intended for participants in the North West PCT Librarians Group's developmental Horizon Scanning Service. It is intended to be a living not static document.

If you don't belong to the group, feel free to use the guide and to feed back to us constructive criticism by using the discussion feature box at the top of each page.

Horizon Scanning Workshop 28.11.08

Library Managers Meeting 11.11.09

Publicity material

We now have available a pdf that you can print out and display as a poster, or distribute as a flyer.
The design looks good when reproduced in A3, A4 and A5, and although it is colour it has been designed not to look too dark when printed in black and white too. pdf of flyer

What do you think about the Horizon Scanning pages?  Let us know by starting a discussion here

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