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Introduction to Helping Hands

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Welcome to the HelpingHands namespace of the LKS in the North Wiki!

Welcome also to the ever-changing world of the NHS.

Although we hope Helping Hands will offer some insight into the complexities and delights of healthcare library and information services, please remember – sometimes, none of us know what’s happening!

This edition is being updated by the LIHNN Co-ordinating Committee, with additional contributions on specialist areas from Tracy Owen (Fade Evidence Knowledge Centre). Thanks to all previous Committee members and to Linda Ferguson (HCLU) for their work on previous versions.

The editorial group has adopted the objectives set out in previous editions, i.e.:

  • To collect and collate information and tacit knowledge useful to new starters in NHS library and information services.
  • To provide a handbook of the general information most needed by new library staff, particularly library managers as they are most likely to take up a post with a unique role in the organisation.
  • To identify and direct the reader to existing online materials and other resources.
  • To publish and promote Helping Hands.
  • To ensure Helping Hands is regularly updated.

If you have any comments or suggestions for future editions or would like to be involved in revising the guide in the future, please contact the
LIHNN - Library and Information Health Network Northwest Co-ordinating Committee at .

Revision Frequency:

To be updated annually by the LIHNN Coordinating Committee and members of the HCLU Team.

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