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Welcome to the LKS in the North Wiki!

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         HCLU namespaces
         LIHNN Groups
         Northern Groups

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HCLU namespaces

Library Quality Assurance Framework (LQAF)

Updated to reflect new requirements for 2017.

HCLU staff only page

LIHNN Groups

CATNiP: Critical Appraisal Toolkit Navigating into Practice - Work in progress. Most of the information needs copying from CATNiP on PBworks

E-Books - A comparison tool for EBook providers with full glossary, usability studies and further reading and resources This has now moved from the LIHNN Wiki and can be accessed at https://ebookmatrix.wordpress.com/

FISH: Finding Information to Support Healthcare - currently on PBworks. Members only

Helping Hands - information for people new to NHS libraries

Horizon Scanning

LIHNN Coordinating Committee - Committee members only

LIHNN Trainers Home Page

MAP Toolkit - Making Alignment a Priority previously the Alignment Toolkit this is now located on WordPress

Mental Health Libraries Home Page Members only

Quality Group

Northern Groups

NEW Yorkshire and the Humber LKS Home Page

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