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Library and Health Information Network North West

Privacy Statement

This web site ( is operated by LIHNN (Library and Information Health Network North West) and WHIS (Wirral Health Informatics Service). Both LIHNN and WHIS are NHS organisations and, as such, adhere to various standards for the protection and use of personal information.

There are facilities within this web site which allow you to voluntarily send information to LIHNN or to others involved with LIHNN. You should be aware that such transmissions are not subject to any particular encryption and could, in theory, be intercepted and read by someone. Therefore you may wish to avoid including information which you consider private. Any information you supply to LIHNN via this web site will be handled in accordance with LIHNN’s mechanisms and safeguards for data protection. It may be passed to departments or officers within LIHNN in order that your request or comment be dealt with.

In order to access various parts of this web site, you have to use your Athens sign-in. You should exercise caution to ensure that nobody else gains knowledge of your Athens sign-in details. Neither LIHNN nor WHIS has knowledge of your Athens sign-in unless you volunteer that information to them.

Both LIHNN and WHIS use analytics software to assess the usage of this web site. This does not identify individuals who use the site but does show retrospectively that people in certain geographic areas, using certain ISPs and certain software combinations have used the site.

If this privacy statement is amended, the amended version will be displayed on this web page. If you have any queries about this statement, please e-mail